Share your support and ask others to also take the pledge this World Childrenโ€™s Day.

This World Humanitarian Day, we come together in solidarity with the millions of people caught in armed conflict. Civilians are #NotATarget.

By signing this petition, you are making your voice heard to leaders around the world. There is no time to lose, and here is why.

As you read this, people trapped in the throes of war are suffering. Civilians in urban areas are struggling every single day to find food, water, and safe shelter, while airstrikes and shelling drive more from their homes, subjecting them to greater vulnerability, prejudice, and abuse. Children are recruited and used to fight, and their schools used for military purposes. Women live in fear, are sexually abused by fighters, then shamed by their villages. Even as humanitarian workers deliver aid, and medical workers treat the wounded and sick, they are directly targeted, treated as threats, and unlawfully prevented from bringing relief and care to those in desperate need.

Many of the demands below are already explicitly called for in the long-established international rules of war, but far too often these rules are violated by warring parties who must be held to account and not continue with impunity. With your help, we can express our deep frustration and concern, and demand that all leaders take action and do everything in their power to protect civilians.

Together, we are asking leaders to:


Protect civilians in cities and towns, as well as their homes and the essential services they rely on.


Pledge to protect children by ending their recruitment and use in fighting, and preserve childrenรขย€ย™s access to education by endorsing the Safe Schools Declaration.


Prevent all forms of sexual violence in conflict, hold perpetrators fully accountable for their crimes, and offer survivors the opportunities and support that will enable their recovery and reintegration into society.


Respect the right of people who have been forced to flee their homes to seek asylum in another country; support the United Nations Secretary-Generalรขย€ย™s effort to reduce internal displacement by half by 2030.


Ensure aid workers have safe and unimpeded access to deliver humanitarian relief to people in need.


Allow health workers to treat and care for the wounded and sick regardless of who they are, and end attacks against health workers, ambulances, and hospitals.

By standing with the UN Secretary-General and committed humanitarians everywhere, we ask world leaders to exert all the diplomatic, political, and economic influence they can to ensure all parties to conflict respect and protect civilians.

For the future of a world we all want to live in, we ask you to please add your signature to support this cause.


Take Over

This World Childrenโ€™s Day, UNICEF helped students take over their classroom to share an important message about fairness.

watch what happened


World Children's Day

20 November is World Childrenโ€™s Day - a day for children, by children

Itโ€™s a moment to celebrate the anniversary of the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child and to support young voices with a #KidsTakeover. UNICEF asked children all around the globe to take over roles in their schools and communities, and to speak up.

Itโ€™s a fun day with a serious message. Children taught us valuable lessons, inspired us with their thoughtful contributions, and reminded us that every child has a right to speak and be heard.

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